x-Filtra OXF79 Oil Filter x 6

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Interchangeable with: Z79A. x-Filtra OXF79 Oil Filter x 6 Includes: OXF79 Oil Filter x 6 (Quantity Six). Brand New in Box with Premium Quality. Oil Filter x 6 suit Z79A FORD HOLDEN HONDA HYUNDAI KIA MAZDA MITSUBISHI.
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Interchangeable with: Z79A.

x-Filtra OXF79 Oil Filter x 6

Includes: OXF79 Oil Filter x 6 (Quantity Six).

Brand New in Box with Premium Quality. Oil Filter x 6 suit Z79A FORD HOLDEN HONDA HYUNDAI KIA MAZDA MITSUBISHI.


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SA/SB Sr1/2 Petrol 4 1.6L 89-92
SB Sr2 Trb Petrol 4 1.6L B6B 10/90-92
SC/SE Petrol 4 1.6L 92-94
SC/SE Turbo Petrol 4 1.6L B6 T 92-94
WA/WB/WD Petrol 4 1.3L/1.5L 91-97
WB EFi Petrol 4 1.3L B3 04/94-96
KE Petrol 4 1.3L/1.6L 87-90
KF Petrol 4 1.6L/1.8L 03/90-05/91
KF TX3 Petrol 4 1.8L BPD 03/90-05/91
KF TX3 4WD Petrol 4 1.8L BPDTC 03/90-05/91
KH Petrol 4 1.6L/1.8L 06/91-94
KH TX3 Petrol 4 1.8L BPD 03/90-05/91
KH TX3 4WD Petrol 4 1.8L BPT 06/91-08/93
KJ Petrol 4 1.6L/1.8L 03/94-96
KL (KJ2) Petrol 4 1.6L/1.8L 12/96-97
KM (KJ3) Petrol 4 1.6L/1.8L 12/97-99
KN (KJ4) Petrol 4 1.6L/1.8L 03/99-04/01

MX Petrol V6 3.2L 6VD1 03/99-04
UBS17 Petrol 4 2.6L 4ZE1 01/90-91
UBS25 Petrol V6 3.2L 6VD1 05/92-98
UBS26 Petrol V6 3.5L 6VE1 02/98-04
R9 Petrol V6 3.2L 6VD 02/98-02/03
RA Petrol V6 3.5L 6VE1 03/03-05
TFR16 Petrol 4 2.3L 4ZD1 01/91-01/93
TFR17 Petrol 4 2.6L 4ZE1 07/88-93
TFR17,G3/6 Petrol 4 2.6L 4ZE1 02/93-98
TFR2,R9 Petrol V6 3.2L 6VD1 02/98-03
TFR25,R7 Petrol 4 2.3L/2.6L 03/98-06/98

Petrol 2.2L 11/89-98
Petrol V6 3.0L J30A1 12/97-02/02
CA4 Si Petrol 4 2.0L A20A4 01/87-89
CD Vti Petrol 4 2.2L F22B3 06/94-98
CD5 EXi Sd Petrol 4 2.2L F22B3 10/93-97
CG V6 Petrol V6 3.0L J30A1 12/97-99
CG Vti Petrol 4 2.3L F23A1 12/97-02/02
Petrol 1.5L/1.6L 91-00
ED3/6 Petrol 4 1.5L D15B4 10/87-91
EE3 Wagon Petrol 4 1.5L D15B4 05/88-89
EG Breeze Petrol 4 1.3L 10/91-93
EG33/44 Petrol 4 1.3L/1.5L 11/91-93
EG44 GLi H Petrol 4 1.5L D15B7 10/93-09/95
EG5 Si hch Petrol 4 1.6L D16A8 11/91-93
EG8 GL Sdn Petrol 4 1.5L D15B421 11/91-93
EG8 GLi Sd Petrol 4 1.5L D15B7 10/93-09/95
EH9 Si Sdn Petrol 4 1.6L D16A8 11/91-93
EK13,14CXi Petrol 4 1.6L D16Y4 10/95-00
EK13,14GLi Petrol 4 1.6L D16Y4 10/95-00
EK15,16Sdn Petrol 4 1.6L D16Y5 10/95-00
RD1 Petrol 4 2.0L B20B3 09/97-12/01
ED9 Petrol 4 1.6L ZC/D16A8 11/87-92
EG2 Petrol 4 1.6L B16A2 06/92-09/98
2nd Gen Petrol 4 1.8L 89-93
DA9 Petrol 4 1.8L B18A1 06/89-07/93
DC2 Petrol 4 1.8L B18C2 07/93-99
DC4 Petrol 4 1.8L B18B1/2 07/93-01
DC5 Petrol 4 2.0L K20A2 08/01-04
Petrol V6 3.0L C30A3 05/95-02/02
RA1 Petrol 4 2.2L F22B3/6 06/95-12/97
RA3 Petrol 4 2.3L F23A1/7/8 01/98-03/00
BA8 S Petrol 4 2.2L F22A1 12/91-96
BB1 VTI-R Petrol 4 2.2L 02/94-12/96
BB2 4WS Petrol 4 2.3L H23A1 12/91-96
BB5 Si Petrol 4 2.2L F22Z6 01/97-02
BB6 VTi-R Petrol 4 2.2L H22A4 01/97-02

Accent, Elantra, Excel X3, Getz, Grandeur, Lantra, S Coupe, Santa Fe, Sonata, Terracan, Tiburon, Trajet, Tucson

LD Petrol 4 2.0L G4GC 07/04-01/09
TD Petrol 4 2.0L G4KD 01/09-on
GD Petrol V6 2.5L/2.7L 00-06
TF Petrol 4 2.4L G4KJAH 01/11-on
BL Petrol V6 3.5L/3.8L 03-08
XM Petrol 4 2.4L G4KE9 10/09-07/11

Petrol 1.3L/1.5L/1.6L 80-89
Series 3 Petrol 1.6L B6 10/89-95
BK10 Turbo Dies 4 2.0L RF 08/07-09/09
BL Turbo Dies 4 2.2L R2 11/09-on
GG10 Turbo Dies 4 2.0L RF 10/06-01/08
GH Turbo Dies 4 2.2L R2 12/08-on
GY10 Turbo Dies 4 2.0L RF10/06-01/08
FC1031,32 Petrol R 1.3L 13B 02/86-92

3000GT Hatch Back
Z16A T/Trb Petrol V6 3.0L 6G72A 10/92-98
PA Petrol V6 3.0L 6G72 03/98-00
TR Petrol V6 3.0L 6Y721 04/93-94
TS Petrol V6 3.0L 6Y721 10/94-96
NJ Petrol V6 3.0L/3.5L 93-96
NK Petrol V6 3.0L/3.5L 10/96-07/97
NL/NM/NP SWB/LWB Petrol V6 3.5L 6G74A 97-04
NP SWB/LWB Petrol V6 3.8L 6G75 10/03-06
NP VR-X Petrol V6 3.8L 6G75 11/05-06
NS/NT/NW Petrol V6 3.8L 6G75 06-on
MK 2WD Petrol V6 3.0L 6G72 08/00-06
MK 4WD Petrol V6 3.0L 6G72 10/96-06/06
ML Petrol V6 3.5L 6G74A 06/06-08/09
KR Sdn,Wgn Petrol V6 3.0L 6Y721 08/91-94
KS Sdn,Wgn Petrol V6 3.0L 6Y721 03/94-02/97

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x-Filtra OXF79 Oil Filter x 6
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