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x-Filtra GTCA206 Cabin Air Filter

SKU: gtca206

BARCODE: 9348420015268

PRODUCT TYPE: Cabin Air Filters

BRAND: x-Filtra


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Interchangeable with: RCA206C or WACF0142
Package: x-Filtra GTCA206 Cabin Air Filter x 1 (Quantity One)
Dimensions: Outside Length: 230mm
Outside Width: 228mm
Overall Height: 57mm
Extra Details: Brand New in Box with Premium Quality.
Carbon Activated Cabin Air Filter suits RCA206C MITSUBISHI Lancer CH 2.0L 2.4L
Make Model Series Year Cyl Litres Fuel Type Engine Code
MITSUBISHI Grandis BA 07/2004- 02/2011 4 2.4L Petrol 4G69
MITSUBISHI Grandis BA MIVEC 05/2004- 02/2011 4 2.4L Petrol 4G69
MITSUBISHI Lancer Evolution CZ VIII 05/2004-12/2004 4 2.0L Petrol 4G63T
MITSUBISHI Lancer Evolution CY 08/2005 - 09/2007 4 2.0L  Petrol 4G63
MITSUBISHI Lancer Evolution CY IX 09/2005 - On 4 2.0L Petrol 4G63T
MITSUBISHI Lancer CH 10/2003 - 11/2005 4 2.0L Petrol 4G94
MITSUBISHI Lancer CH 08/2005 - 09/2007 4 2.4L Petrol 4G69
MITSUBISHI Lancer  GSR/ EVO 8-9 01/2002- 08/2008 4 2.0L Petrol 4G63T
MITSUBISHI Lancer  GSR/ EVO 10 01/2008 - On 4 2.0L Petrol 4B11T
MITSUBISHI Outlander ZF MIVEC 05/2004 - On 4 2.4L Petrol 4G69
Find Engine Code

The fitment details often includes a column named 'Engine Code' as it is usually the best method to make sure a product is best fit for a vehicle. Engine Code is the first few numbers/letters (usually 4) of the Engine Number. There are few options allows you to locate it.

Option 1 – Look on the car’s windshield

Look at the dashboard underneath the windshield in front of the driver's seat. If your car is newer than 1981, the engine number will be 17-digits long. If it is older than 1981, it will be 11- to 17-digits long. If you cannot find the number here, it may be located on the inside of the driver side door. If it is not in either of these places, continue to option two and three.

Option 2 – Lookup your registration

The car dealer registers the car at the concerned Vehicle Registration Authority. The engine number is displayed on the Vehicle Registration Website of the state in which your car is registered. For example, in Victoria, this can be checked on the Service Victoria website.

For other states, you may want to contact your Vehicle Registration Authority to find out. 

Option 3 – Search in your insurance policy

Your vehicle insurance policy document contains the engine number along with the chassis number. You can refer to the policy document to get your car’s engine number.

Option 4 – Contact your dealership

Get on a call or visit your car dealership to find out the engine number. They will be able to track your vehicle’s engine details. 

Option 5 – Check owner’s manual

The car manufacturer stamps the engine number on the engine block. However, the location differs based on the models. You can refer to the Owner’s Manual to check where the engine number is placed in your car’s engine.

Option 6 – Look directly on the engine

Turn off your vehicle and open the hood, latching it into place with the provided support mechanism. If your car was recently running, do not touch anything inside as the parts can be very hot.

Lean under the open hood and look at the wide metal part, most likely located right in the middle. This is the engine. On top of the engine, your engine number should be engraved into the metal.

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Rob Murray (rob59murray)
Great service and prices

Filter arrived in a timely manner and is exactly as described with very competitive pricing.

GARY BUTLER (bomberboy_5)
Good product

Fits well and smells nice

Steven Marko (markos80)

Scented Breeze GTCA277 Cabin Air Filter

Neville Hodgson (dad2422)

x-Filtra GTCA185 Cabin Air Filter

Paul Anderson (andoo79)
As described

Product as described
Very happy

x-Filtra GTCA206 Cabin Air Filter

x-Filtra GTCA206 Cabin Air Filter